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Dynamis - Beuc

Odysseus00, Jan 6, 10 2:46 PM.
Did a low man Dynamis- Beuc run went really smoothe had a few drops that werent to bad. Need more Rdm drops it seems tho! Goodjob tho and grats to everyone on drops!

Omega Number 3

Venussama, Dec 20, 09 7:44 PM.
We had another successful Omega run this weekend, and had a nice lot of drops :)

Congratulations on your gear guys!

Savo got his body, Jdogg his hands and Gyytohi his feet!

Was a really smooth fight guys! Well done :D Kicked his ass!

The Sky's the limit!

Venussama, Dec 18, 09 11:37 AM.
What a productive day in Sky :D We got a few nice drops and attempted our first Kirin burn as a shell :)
GJ on all gods guy! We did a really good job :D No problems what-so-ever with gods ^^b
Let's keep it more! More rapega prz!

SO! First Victim! Genbu!

Mamoth drops as you can see! Genbu was beng stingy today ; ; No a.hands /cry!
Noone wanted the W.Feet, but got some nice gil!

Then on to our Kitty friend!  Went so much smoother this time!  The kitty tanks teamed up and the ls took no prisoners!

Grats on your pants Goldtaker!! and grats on Hands Hecky :D

Then on to the Dragon!

grats on ur kote Teiris :) and thanks to Froge for helping out ^^ grats on head! :D

And finally, our favourite bird of fire!! AND I got to wear my fire set for the first time :) Firaga 3 for 49 dmg ftw!!

Grats on N.feet Odys!! And good luck HQing them hehe :)

Overall was a VERY good night!! Well done guys :D We're really starting to grow and kick ass! Let's keep it up! :D <3

LGM is back in the game!

Venussama, Dec 16, 09 4:55 PM.
After a sudden maintenance, the LGM troops successfully gathered for a successful raping of Fafnir!
Was a long time coming, and we took it out on that biyatch!

Congratulations to Zong who was today's loot whore :P with both beard and N.Head ^^
Oh and nice merit JD :D

Let's keep 'em comin!

Busy Busy Busy~

Venussama, Dec 11, 09 10:43 AM.
We've had a busy couple of weeks!  Getting back into HNMs with avengence and kicking some butt in Sea!  Not been as successful with drops in sea /cry but it's really fun and nice to see that we can easily handle the jailers :D

We also claimed and low manned a Fafnir a couple of days ago :D Again not the best drops, but GJ guys!!! We kicked it's butt :D

We have also killed our first Omega, well done it twice now :) GJ again guys :D
First one dropped two heads (woot....) but second dropped some sexy feet and hands :D
Congrats Gyytohi and Zong :)

We've been making really good progress lately guys :D Keep up the good work and let's get some more sexy drops for us all <3
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HNMs Gear
Adamantoise Egg
Heavy Cuirass

Adamantoise Egg
Heavy Cuirass
Shura Suner Dry. Abj:Feet
Dalmatica Aqua. Abj:Body
Koenig SchuhsMar.Abj:Feet
Crimson Scale Mail Wyr:Body


Dark Ixion

Wyrm Beard Faf/Hogg
Hecatomb Cap Nept.Abj:Head 
Zenith Mitts Aqua. Abj:Hands
Adaman MufflersEarthen Hnd
Zenith Pumps Aqua.Abj:Feet

Dalmatica Aqua. Abj:Body
Adaman HauberkEarthen Bdy
Koenig CuirassMart. Abj:Bdy
Hecatomb SubligarNept. Legs




King Arthro

Velocious Belt

King Behemoth
Behemoth Tongue King/Reg
Defending Ring
Pixie Earring
Adaman Breeches Earth. Legs 
Koenig Diechlings Martial Legs
Crimson MaskWyrmal Abj:Head

Comet Tail

King Vinegarroon

Lambton Worm

Ancient Torque
Morgana's Cotehardie
Oily Trousers


Herald's Gaiters
Noritsune Kote


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